Frequently Asked Questions

My business is tax exempt, will I be charged tax? 

We are required to collect sales tax on certain number of states. If your business is tax exempt, please provide us with a valid Sales Tax Certificate or proof of being a non-profit institution. You may email the document to our email address at Please also include the email address (username) used to register at our website.  After our support team process the document, purchases made with the provided email address will not be charged tax until the certificate expires.

Is it possible to use a different trucking company other than UPS?

Yes, shipping via other trucking companies are available upon request. Make sure to contact our customer support first.

How long will it take to process my order?

Your order will typically be processed within 3 business days, it might take longer if you have made a large order.  Orders placed during weekend will be fulfilled during normal business workday (Monday to Friday).